Say Goodbye to Asphalt That's Beyond Repair

Say Goodbye to Asphalt That's Beyond Repair

Make us your go-to team for asphalt replacement services in Spring Grove, PA

Deep potholes, pooling water and buckling asphalt are all red flags indicating that you need asphalt replacement services ASAP. That's where Ross Paving Services comes in. We'll complete every part of your parking lot or asphalt driveway replacement project in Spring Grove, PA.

You can count on us to

  • Remove and dispose of the existing asphalt
  • Lay a new stone base and compact it as needed
  • Pour fresh asphalt and compact it for the final finish
  • Always ensure every detail is factored in such as the proper water drainage¬†

Wondering whether you need full replacement services? Call 717-779-8952 now to schedule an inspection.

Why replace your old asphalt?

Every 20 years or so, asphalt replacement becomes necessary for a number of reasons. For example, damaged pavement will:

  • Reduce your building's curb appeal and lower its resale value
  • Become a tripping hazard for anyone walking to or from your building
  • Cause increased wear and tear on vehicle tires, suspensions and undercarriages
  • Stand out like dips in corners of driveways or cracks made by tree roots.

Don't wait for the problem to get worse - take advantage of our asphalt driveway replacement services today.